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 How To Successfully Overcome A Lockout: Who To Call When Keys Locked In Car?

How To Successfully Overcome A Lockout: Who To Call When Keys Locked In Car?

If you get locked out of your car, remember not to panic and don’t worry. Things like this could happen to anyone and it is important to remember that panicking won’t solve anything. Take a deep breath, keep your cool and follow our guide to help you deal with a lockout situation.

Before you read your available options, the most important thing is to assess your environment. If you’re stranded in a dangerous vicinity or you feel unsafe then don’t hesitate to call the police. They are there for you at all times and are trained to deal with such a situation. However, if you feel like there is no immediate threat to you or your car, then continue reading our guide.

Roadside Assistance

There are companies that are there to help people tow their cars if they’re stuck on the side of the road. These companies might charge you for getting you out of this sticky situation but it’s always wise to see if your insurance or warranty covers roadside assistance especially in the case of lockouts.


If you’re unsure who to call when keys locked in car, contact your insurance company immediately. Typically, a car insurance covers roadside assistance at an additional premium in case you’re stuck at the side of the road. However, it is important to verify that information with them on the phone. If you already have roadside assistance added to your insurance, then a lockout is usually covered in it.

Club memberships

This is where your club membership finally comes in handy. If you have a club membership at AAA, Allstate or other organizations then you know exactly who to call when keys locked in car. The number is always mentioned on their membership card. However, it might take some time for them to reach you depending on your location.


If you don’t have insurance and are not sure who to call when keys locked in car then check your warranty if your car is new. Brand new cars come with warranties that might cover roadside assistance. Call up the dealership directly to speed things up. If you’re lucky the warranty might cover the costs of a lockout.

Tow Truck

The most convenient option when you don’t know who to call when keys locked in car is to ring up a tow truck company. These people are experienced in towing vehicles from anywhere in the country. However, if you want immediate assistance and don’t feel safe waiting too long then call a tow truck company that is nearby you. It’s always better to pay them from your own pocket first since reimbursing a claim or filing for lockout claims is much easier than calling them in for one.

Tips Before You Call a Towing Company

Here are some tips to consider before you think about who to call when keys locked in car.

  1. Location is very important. Look for signs of where you are stranded, the nearest exit and your go to destination. This will help in determining the quickest available help nearby.
  2. Vehicle info is as important as location since the vehicle make and model will help the towing company determine what type of equipment is required.
  3. Your insurance information will be needed to create an invoice for claiming purposes. Some towing companies are able to issue invoices for car owners to claim insurance.
  4. You need to have the drop-off destination in your mind so that the towing company can deliver the car there. Perhaps your home if you have a spare key there or straight to the mechanic or the lock picker.

Many would suggest breaking a window, however that can be very dangerous and also expensive to repair. Breaking windows should only be done in dire situations like if a child or animal is locked inside a hot car.

Yes, this happens and we’ve seen videos of it on the internet.

Rather than taking the situation in your own hands, in such scenarios it is always better to call 911. They will send help immediately.

If you feel that the locked in child or animal is in danger and you need to break the window immediately then follow the steps below:

  1. Side windows are as tough as windshields. Get a sharp object like a claw hammer, screwdriver or a rock.
  2. The glass is quite strong at the center. Aim your sharp object at the edges or the corners.
  3. Make sure the window you’re trying to break is further away from the child or animal.
  4. Land a couple of hard blows at the edges of the glass and it should break open. If not, call for help from passer-bys or ring the police.

Always remember to stay calm and assess the situation. Getting locked out of your car is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. It happens to the best of us and we repeat again, the right thing to do is to stay calm and follow this guide.