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 Wheel Lift Tow Truck- Everything You Need To Know

Wheel Lift Tow Truck- Everything You Need To Know

Fairly similar to Hook and Chain tow trucks, the difference comes in where the wheel lift tow truck uses a yoke instead of a chain to tow your car. The yoke lifts up one end of the car, leaving two tires on the road.

How frustrating and inconvenient it can be when your car would not start. You’ve tried to call your nearest and dearest, and not a soul is available to come out and help you. You can be glad that you remembered some weeks ago to put in the name of a reliable lift tow truck company into your cell phone contact list.

If you are still looking, you can be sure to find a 24-hour local tow truck company that can reach you in the shortest amount of time and tow your car back to where you want it to be. When you call them, you will be told about their wheel lift tow trucks, their flatbeds, and others and you can choose which tow truck you want.

Research And Find The Best Tow Truck Companies

Research And Find The Best Tow Truck Companies

Before you just willy nilly call out the first tow truck company on your list, collect a little bit of information on the best tow truck companies there are, short-list them, look at their pros and cons and then also take into account costs.

They usually have a fleet of different tow trucks, all of which have been designed to handle the weight of different size cars. There will always be wheel lift tow trucks and flatbeds among the fleet.

You will find that among the different tow trucks they have, the flatbed towing truck is called out a lot. This is because flatbeds provide a solid type of towing, involving a truck equipped with a flatbed to transport vehicles from one area to the next. They are great for preventing damage to the towed car.

Unlike other methods of towing, flatbed towing ensures that all four wheels of the car are touching the ground while being transported. You can easily say that flatbed towing is one of the safest ways to transport vehicles.

Tow Truck Wheel Lift Parts

You will also see wheel lift tow trucks, which also make the towing process easy. To ensure these kinds of trucks have any kind of downtime, you get Lift and Tow, who keep all kinds of tow truck accessories and they maintain a full inventory of all kinds of lifts and replacement parts to keep the trucks going.

They also provide maintenance services for other lift models. Their tow truck wheel lift parts for these wheel lifts will ensure everything is up and running. From z-bars to t-bars, mounting angles, mounting pads, up and down cylinders, bolts, and lots of other hardware, they have it all.

They ensure their tow truck wheel lift parts are of the highest standard, making use of the latest technology to create reliable replacement parts. Everything is manufactured in the United States.

If you are clued up, when you call for a tow truck company to come out to you, you do not have to just settle for the first one available. If you want a specific kind of tow truck to tow your car then you can ask for it.

The lift and tow truck are fairly similar to the hook and chain tow truck, but you do not see any hooks and chains. It lifts the car and tows it while the back wheels stay on the ground. These lift and tow trucks are quick and easy when they come to your rescue.

Sometimes you will see these tow trucks towing a car using the front wheels and then other times it will be the back wheels that are pulled up. Most times though, it is the front wheels suspended in the air.

Some people have very expensive cars and they are worried about damage to their vehicles in the towing process. Most towing companies are experts when it comes to advising you on what tow truck will be best for your particular car. If you want to know what type of drive system your car has, if your car is a 2-wheel drive, this wheel lift tow truck can work for you. Cars with all-wheel or 4-wheel drive should not be towed this way. If you are unsure, you can always check your car owner manual and check the section where they talk about towing.

A Flatbed Is Always Part Of The Tow Truck Fleet

A Flatbed Is Always Part Of The Tow Truck Fleet

You will find that these tow truck companies usually have different kinds of tow trucks to haul your car away and one of these is the Flatbed Tow Truck. Once your car is on the flatbed platform, it is secured in place. It can be quite difficult to get a car onto the flatbed tow truck when the car needs to be towed from out of a tight spot.

It is why every tow truck company these days makes use of a wheel lift tow truck. Your car is slightly lifted so that only two wheels are touching the road.

Two-wheel drive cars are usually towed in this manner. As mentioned, it is a suitable tow truck to use when your car is parked in a tight spot.

There are many tow truck companies in the United States which is a good thing because there are always plenty of people wanting to make use of their services. Nobody should wait for their car to come to a standstill along a lonely road before they take action and put the name of a reputable tow company into their cell phone’s contact list.

Be proactive and get the name of the best tow company loaded on your phone. All it requires is looking up some towing companies online and if you want to, add the name of the area you live in and get tow truck companies that operate in your area.

Check out the services they offer. Look up to see what kind of tow trucks they have – the important ones being the wheel lift tow truck and flatbeds – and check out their rates.

Rates are always going to vary according to the location you are in, the type of vehicle you have, and the services you require. To make sure that their towing services are safe and legit, you should make sure that they are licensed and insured. You do not want to put your car in any kind of danger because of inexperienced people and improper towing procedures.

Tow Truck Prices

You want them to be professional and experienced, taking all the necessary precautions to ensure a towing job is well done. You never know when your car is going to break down, so it goes without saying that you will want truck towing services that operate around the clock, night and day.

Unfortunately, when it comes to tow truck prices, it can become a bit costly. Most people get some kind of roadside assistance from their insurance companies. Most of these car insurance companies offer towing services or some or other roadside service package.

If you choose only towing services, for instance, they would not get the extra help that others get when they take the full roadside package. This roadside assistance is designed to help drivers get on the road again. When you are stuck along the road, you call the number of roadside assistance and they send you some kind of assistance.

Roadside Assistance Does Not Always Come With Towing

What’s included in roadside assistance varies from one provider to the next. Towing will sometimes be provided as part of roadside assistance, but not always. This is when you will need to call a tow truck company for assistance.

Tow truck prices are not the lowest but fortunately, throughout your life, you can usually arrange for a family member to tow you back or you make use of a tow truck company just once or twice in an emergency.

All tow truck companies will have their own set of methods they use to get your car back to safety. Therefore, you can’t just give an exact estimate as there are some things that will be factored into the price with some car towing companies and not into others. That’s also because the towing company often does more than just tow your car away.

They might first try to jump-start your car, they may bring you petrol, change your tires or tow your stranded vehicle. So when your car sticks along the road, the first thing is to know whether your insurance policy covers towing. If your insurance does not offer to tow, then you will want to know what towing prices are.

People often do not think that tow services can include more than simply transporting a vehicle to its destination. The fees charged can vary, depending on where you live too.

Of course, if you simply have to have tow truck prices, then you could say that the average towing costs are roughly between $3 and $8 per mile, but as already suggested, there are many different things that impact these costs. Another thing that can have an impact on price is dates and times. Also, nighttime towing and weekend towing will cost more than towing during the day on a regular weekday.

Less Chance Of Damage To Your Car

What is a flat tow

A Wheel Lift Tow Truck is an efficient, safe way to get your immobilized car transported to wherever it needs to be. But the question is, is it really the best way for your car to be transported? Instead of making use of chains around the axles of your car, a metal yoke lifts your car by its tires.

The reason they have brought in this method is that it is far less likely to cause damage to your car’s frame. Wheel lift towing is also seen as being more useful in that it is able to extract cars that would not start out of tight parking spaces, without damaging any other cars around it. It is seen as a fast, safe, convenient way to move your car.

People who want to make use of a wheel lift tow truck have to know the drive system of their car. This is because some cars can’t be towed this way or else the car’s transmission can be damaged.

These wheel lift tow trucks are smaller than the flatbed tow trucks. This is possibly what makes them more suitable when towing as they are better suited to tighter spots. They are also better suited for those areas that have a lower clearance. Being smaller, the wheel lift tow truck also consumes less fuel. But even though there are these advantages, there are people who do not want their car towed by a wheel lift tow truck. They do not like the idea of two tires being raised. They believe that the two tires on the road can then be worn out during transportation, particularly if it is a long trip.

A wheel lift tow truck has a hydraulic boom with some crossbars. The bars are put under the front or rear wheels of a car. The car is then lifted to the correct tow height, keeping two tires on the ground.

The wheel lift tow truck system caters to smaller, lighter vehicles – 2 wheel drive cars and also for shorter distances. If your towing company uses a wheel lift truck, the entire process is quick and easy and this is what makes it a huge advantage for tow drivers who are able to complete jobs faster.

The right company that makes safety a priority will place the car’s transmission in neutral and also install tow lights while always being extra careful not to damage any paintwork.

As you can see, not all towing systems work the same and it is important to know what kind of towing will suit your car best.

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