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 A Tow Company Can Tow A Car Out Of A Ditch

A Tow Company Can Tow A Car Out Of A Ditch

Are you going caravanning or somewhere remote these holidays? There is no point in risking your family’s lives and spoiling all the fun by not having your car serviced before you leave.

A service could take a load off your mind.  Even having your car serviced isn’t a guarantee that it won’t let you down, but at least you took the necessary precautions.  Maybe you loaded your car too much and there may now be damage to other components, making your car dangerous to handle.

Imagine being halfway to your destination when things start going wrong. Your overloading has put too much pressure on the tires, they’re worn out and you’re sitting with a burst tire. You are just thankful it didn’t end up with your entire family being wiped out.

Your nearest garage is still 36km away. Who do you call? You’re far from home. Who will come out and tow a car like your one back to safety again? Nobody should ever leave to go on holiday without putting the name of a reputable tow company into the phone’s contacts.

When you’re stuck out in the countryside, far away from the nearest town, it is no time wondering about who to call and what the trustworthiness of the people you call out is. You should know of a trustworthy towing company in your area and make sure that the name is safely tucked into your contact list.

Tow a Car – there are several ways

Use Towing Experts

Up to now, you may not have heard of Action Towing, but they are the only ones worth knowing about to get your situation back to normal. They are a professional towing company in Edmonton who make it their policy to tow a car making use of their solid expertise and up to date techniques.

They know that to tow a car in Canada is different from the towing laws in the United States and that even throughout Canada, they are not consistent. We know that when it comes to towing in Canada, not only are the laws not the same as in the United States, but they are not consistent throughout Canada.

There is a Way to Tow a Car to avoid Damage

Using the wrong towing techniques can be damaging to your car and that is why it is imperative to tow a car the right way, with the right experienced people. It is always important to know how to tow a car correctly because improper towing can lead to a host of problems and damage to your car.

There is a certain way to hook a car up properly because getting it wrong can lead to cosmetic damage. We all know that scratches and dents can be costly to repair. But then improper towing methods can lead to more serious issues such as transmission damage too.

If you tow a vehicle with an automatic transmission with all the wheels on the ground, damage is almost inevitable. Some vehicles require special handling, and in some instances, it is best to tow a car with the back wheels on the ground so as to prevent damage to the transmission. Vehicles should be towed in neutral.

Certified and legal

The best tow companies are certified and abide by the laws of the state regarding towing. Yes, each state has its own set of laws regarding towing procedures. Not only that, your insurance company may have certain regulations they expect you to follow when having your vehicle towed. Violating the rules could see them refusing to provide coverage if something should go wrong.

Whenever Action Towing tows anything, they make sure they use the right equipment. They know that if the equipment they have is not suited to tow a car, they could have serious problems on the road. They are careful to know more or less how much your car weighs so that they can tow it away safely.

When making use of any tow company, it is always a good idea to keep records of the towing operator – the driver, registration number and telephone number. A reputable tow operator makes a note of all your car’s accessories fitted on the vehicle as well as all the damages before towing it away.

Everything worked out well

As the owner of the car, you will be provided with documents to sign and then you’ will see your car being towed safely away, you will be taken to safety and you can decide on the way forward for your holiday.