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 My Car Needs A Jump – Towing For When You Can’t Jump Start Your Car Electricity

My Car Needs A Jump – Towing For When You Can’t Jump Start Your Car Electricity

There are so many things than can cause your car not to start and maybe ‘my car needs a jump’ is not the answer this time and you need to rely on a reliable towing service.

It can be so utterly inconvenient when your car either would not start for you in the morning or it chugs to a stop on the highway for no apparent reason. In fact, this inconvenience can be life-changing as you could be missing out on a job interview or you were required to be somewhere quickly because of an emergency.

‘My car needs a jump’ is something that goes through your mind, and you want to get help from anybody who is willing.

What can you do if your car does not start

Keep a set of jumper cables in your car

Nonetheless, all drivers need to at least keep a set of jumper cables in their car.  They are easy to buy too and they can be bought at any car spare parts store. To use jumper cables to get your dead battery going, you need to make use of another car with a sound battery.

While the whole idea of jump-starting a regular car is quite simple, you need to remember that with these new modern cars, a jump start for such a car can actually cause damage.

It is the complexity of the car’s computerized electronic system that can cause problems and you may need to follow specific procedures when jump starting such a car. Even a small error can damage the computerized system.

If you, however, have no other choice, and you need to jump-start your car, you need to be aware of the procedures and that is why it is always necessary to consult your vehicle manual.

Deep down though you may know that your car is not going to respond to a jump start and that only a tow-in will help it out. Of course, there are so many things that could be causing your car to not start – problems with the starter, a dead battery, no petrol, a clogged fuel filter, the spark plugs or something else.

If a jump start is not going to revive your engine, it could be any kind of mechanical or electrical problem. And this would need the attention of an expert mechanic. The only option to take your car to a mechanic may be employing the services of an expert towing company.

Check whether you have roadside assistance

My car needs a jump may well be something that your car does not need after all, even though this is certainly one of the first things that come to our mind when our car is not starting. It may require towing services instead. If you are insured you possibly have roadside assistance or a tow service through your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Have a reputable tow company name in your contacts-list

Then again, some roadside assistance services do not cover towing after a collision, so it is always a good idea to have a good towing service provider among your contacts on your cell phone. A reputable local and long-distance towing service can get your vehicle safely to where it needs to be.

These towing services offer a 24-hour emergency towing service, they have all the right trucks to handle trucks and SUVs and they are licensed and insured to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Certainly, if your vehicle has been in an accident, they will first determine if your car is free of fluid leaks and that the bonnet or hood is able to be securely closed.

It does not matter how reliable and trustworthy the tow company is, prepare your vehicle for towing, and before it is moved, take detailed photos of it inside and out and remove all valuables.

My car needs a jump if the battery, the power source of the car’s starter motor, is flat. So when your battery can’t provide the starter motor with enough power, your car would not start. By jump starting your car you get the additional electric charge required by the starter motor.

Have a free battery check

You can actually avoid all this unnecessary car trouble by paying closer attention to your car. My car needs a jump may not be something you have to worry about if you take your car in for a free battery check during the year.

Your car may not have a flat battery though and it could be a problematic starter or alternator and then you may require hunting in your contact list for the name of your trusted tow company.