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 No Damage Done With Long Distance Towing

No Damage Done With Long Distance Towing

We all know the sinking, nauseating feeling you get on your stomach when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Long distance towing experts have attended to many vehicles stuck alongside the road after having undergone a recent service.

Being stranded with a broken-down car will just happen once with you. The agony of wondering where your help will come from will ensure you never leave home again on a long journey without having the name of a reputable towing service company in your contacts-list.

It can be frightening stuck out in the middle of nowhere, particularly in the middle of the night, with no-one to turn to. However, sometimes your reason for having your car towed long distance hasn’t got to do with a breakdown, but simply the need to get your car from point A to point B in the absence of a driver.

Safe Long Distance Towing

All the right skills to tow your car to safety

Whatever your reason, long distance towing can come like a lifeline thrown to you.  Action Towing is a trusted, reputable, reliable recovery, towing and roadside assistance service company.

They offer highly skilled tow experts who know precisely how to rig your car up for towing. All equipment and accessories are certified which means you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Even if you are employing a professional towing company such as Action Towing, you will still need to do one or two things yourself to ensure the long distance towing goes off without a hitch.

Check fluid leaks

How terrible if your vehicle were to burst into flames while being towed. You might have picked up that there is a smell of fuel around your car. It could mean a fuel pipe leak and it is why regular maintenance of your car is important for preventing your car being a fire hazard.

If you suspect a leakage of fuel, brake fluid, oil, transmission fluid or something else, tackle it before allowing your car to be towed, as any leakage can lead to engine fires and an entire new catastrophe.

Disable the car’s alarm

With long distance towing, you need to disable your car’ alarm before the professional tow team get it rigged up for transport. Not only will some areas of the road be bumpy so that the alarm accidentally goes off, thunder and lightning can also trigger the alarm.

An alarm suddenly going off will give everyone a fright, but getting to a safe spot where you can switch the alarm off it may not come up as quickly as you’d like. If you are on a narrow mountain pass, finding a safe spot to stop can be impossible and it can be dangerously distracting to have an alarm screeching in your ears.

Remove loose items

Even though your car will be locked for long distance towing, you want to make sure that the windows are also tightly closed to prevent any debris, insects or rainwater from getting in. Remove all of your personal belongings from the car.

You don’t want to reach point B and be thrilled that everything went smoothly only to discover there are missing items. Tow truck companies make it clear that they won’t be held liable for missing items, so it is best to play it safe and remove everything – not just the things you consider of value, but everything.

Give your car an entire once-over

If you are having your vehicle towed, inspect it for any damages. Wash it so that you can see if there are any hidden scratches, and then photograph your car so you have on record exactly what it looked like before it was towed.

Certainly on arrival, check your car over for damages and if you find something suspect, the tow truck drivers will need to be notified. Did the tow company know about the stress towing spots on a car such as the brakes, chassis, engine and transmission?  Do they know what the towing capacity is for your vehicle before it is hooked up?

Thankfulness for a job well done

If you use a reliable tow truck company, you won’t have to have the inconvenience of getting a property damage claim underway.

If your car has to endure long distance towing, make use of the right towing company so that instead of a demand letter to the towing company and insurance company for damages, you rather send a letter of praise and thanks for their splendid towing services.