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 How To Use Fix A Flat To Get You Out Of A Sticky Puncture Situation

How To Use Fix A Flat To Get You Out Of A Sticky Puncture Situation

​Flat tires are not an unfamiliar sight. As a matter of fact, it’s the most common problem that people encounter while driving. A small nail, a tiny glass piece or any other sharp object can end up damaging the tire of your car.

Tire manufacturers all tell us that their tires possess the most sure-footed tread on the road. Whether you have got new or old tires, every motorist should know how to use fix a flat because tires are unpredictable and they can leave you in the lurch when you least expect it.

How to use Fix a Flat in the yellow can is described on the container and on the Internet. You will find it an effective temporary fix when you are caught off guard with a puncture.

But what kind of driving causes punctures?  Where and how often are you driving? Over rocks and mud or on smooth tar?  Wherever you drive, getting a puncture can be the most inconvenient thing you can imagine.

The Flat Tire problem

It can be unnerving caught with a puncture

How to use Fix a Flat is important to know as it can be quite unnerving being caught with a puncture on an open, lonely road. All you can think of is getting the puncture sorted so you can be on your way.

Fix-A-Flat is a car puncture product designed to inflate a flat tire.  It is useful for the person who does not have a clue how to change a flat tire. They keep a can of aerosol tire sealer in their car, of which there are different size cans. You do not have to remove it anytime as it is safe to store in your car whether it is boiling hot or icy cold.

Be warned – it can harm TPMS

Fix a Flat would not work on sidewall punctures or on some major puncture, but it is worth a try. When you do research you see that there are warnings about the use of the aerosol can. How to use Fix a Flat is all very well but you should know that it can harm Tire Pressure Management Systems.

You will need to fill the tire following the directions on the can, and the rim needs to lift off the ground. This is just a temporary fix, so you will still need to get the tire repaired professionally and also tell them that you used Fix-a-Flat.

We look at how to use this single-use sealer –

  • The best thing you can do when you have a puncture is to put your danger lights on and try to get your car onto the edge of the road you are driving on and to a place where it is as flat as possible.
  • Place a brick or stone behind the tires that are not punctured to provide the car with stability.
  • Jack up your car. Most cars these days have jack points and you can also check the owner’s manual to tell you where these points are. If you have never heard of jack points before, look for the flat metal area down the side of the car and below the doors. Jack up your car until the punctured tire is able to rotate.
  • Identify the leak and see if you think the puncture can be fixed. You can also try to listen for escaping air.
  • ·Open the valve of the tire by unscrewing it. Whatever you do, do not lose the cap.
  • Take your can of Fix a Flat and shake it well.
  • Screw off the nozzle and attach the Fix-a-Flat onto the tire valve. You will hear air inflating the tire. The entire tin is emptied into the tire.
  • Once the can is empty, unscrew the nozzle and replace the valve cap on the tire.
  • You need to drive the car immediately to allow the pressure of the tire to increase. Also, the sealant needs to be distributed evenly.
  • If you happen to have a hand pump, pressurize the tire to the correct PSI level.
  • Get to the nearest garage and air pump and pump air into the tire.

Fix a Flat is not a permanent repair-job

Knowing how to use Fix a Flat is a good thing as it can help you out of a sticky situation and get your car quickly to safety without damage to the car. Remember that Fix-a-Flat should not be looked upon as permanent tire repair, but just as a means to get you to where you can get help.

By the time you have another puncture by then Fix a Flat will surely have brought out a product that allows you to travel much further than the 4 or 5 miles it allows for at present.