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 How To Jumpstart A Car Without Another Car?

How To Jumpstart A Car Without Another Car?

Before wondering how to jumpstart a car without another car, it is important to know as much as you can about some of the apparatus you will need if you are stuck along a remote road as ignorance is not bliss in situations like this.

Those who do not know cars and the way they work might not know how to jumpstart a car without another car. Jump start car services are better left for other people. This can be disastrous when you are stuck on the side of a remote road and there is not another car in sight. You can jumpstart the car but it is not going to work if there is not a vehicle nearby. A jump start car service won’t help you when you’re stuck out in the sticks with nothing to get your car going.

The good news is that you can discover ways to get your car started without the help of jump start car services. Do you want to know how to jumpstart a car without another car? How to jumpstart a car without another car has become very important as you can no longer think that your cell phone is all you need to get you out of trouble.

Is It The Battery Or Something Else?

Is it the battery or something else

Before you try to jump-start a car, you will need to first establish that the battery is in fact the reason the car is not starting up. There could be a hundred and one other reason why your car is not starting. If you turn the ignition and you hear the engine at least huffing and puffing to get going, then you know that a dud battery is not the problem.

People who have already gone through the experience of having their car let them down beside the road have learned what precautions to take. How to jumpstart a car without another car is something that has to be considered.

Emergency Kits

It is why many drivers invest in a roadside emergency kit. These kits come pre-packed with useful things for these kinds of events. You will find useful accessories such as emergency blankets, medical paraphernalia, jumper cables, and more. You get simpler kits and more expensive ones with prices to match.

How To Jumpstart A Car Without Another Car

jumpstart a car without another car requires

Before you order your car emergency kit, do research and check out the lists of the best kits. How to jumpstart a car without another car requires you to consider the vehicle you drive and what kind of journeys you will be doing.

Imagine yourself in a roadside emergency and make sure that you have the things in the kit that will help you. What’s the good of an emergency kit though, if you do not know how to use what’s inside. If you find jumper cables inside, do you know how to use them?

If they were stuck somewhere they need to know that there are other ways to start a car that would not start. You got to have a whole lot of available plans to start a dead car at the tips of your fingers, more so when you are stuck in a remote part.

How to jumpstart a car without another car in sight will have you looking around to see if you are not somehow close to a hill that you can coast down. We have already mentioned the steps you need to take to get the car moving again.

Unfortunately, if you do not have a hill, you do not have any buddies along with you and your cell phone can’t pick up a signal, you will be stranded in a precarious position for who knows how long. If you can’t bear the thought of this scenario, learn your lesson and be prepared for your very next trip.

If your car would not start it is often because of a dead battery. If you are not handy with the workings of a car you will be wondering how to jumpstart a car without another car. It can be difficult to know whether it is a battery or an alternator issue.

If your car’s engine would not turn over, then it would be time to look at your jumper cables. If you do manage to get your car going and it stops working again, then it is bound to be a battery problem.

It can be so frustrating when you come to start your car and it would not start. The most common reason your car would not start is a dead car battery. Certainly, knowing the causes of a car not starting can help you work out the next step.

How to jumpstart a car without another car requires knowing if your battery is damaged as you should never try to jump-start it as it could catch fire.

Push Starting Great Idea For Manual Cars

Push starting great idea for manual cars

Before you despair that your car would not start, you can always try to push start it. For this, you will require one or two strong people to help push while you start it. If your car is a manual transmission car and you have a dead battery, push-starting is a good way to get it going again.

Jump starting your car is an easy, effective way to get your engine running again if you do not have jumper cables. Push starting your car can be accomplished with your car keys and a couple of friends to push. You must know that it can only be done with older type cars – those ones equipped with a manual transmission. Trying to do this to an automatic transmission car can cause damage.

You will need a bit of a slope for this to work and it is helpful for getting the car rolling. You then have to insert the key in the ignition and turn it on. The car is not going to start because the battery is dead.

The key has to be on though when you have it push started or else the engine would not start when you drop the clutch. Put the transmission into 2nd gear just simply because this is the easiest gear to push start in.

When your friends are pushing you and you have picked up a bit of a speed, pull your left foot off of the clutch quickly. You will find your car lurching and spluttering to life. Of course, if the car does not start, you can try the process again.

If your car is one of the newer ones, it no doubt has many electric components that could make jump-starting it a risk. How to jumpstart a car without another car is possible when you consider the newer portable jump starters. They have been designed to help protect your car’s electronics while still being able to give your car a jump-start.

Tacklife Jump Starter

The Tacklife Jump Starter is one of those that can sit in your cubby hole for up to a year and still work. With a 18000mAh capacity, you can jump start gas engines and diesel engines. With the Tacklife Jump Starter, even if you do hook things up the wrong way, it features a Smart Indicator to protect you from short circuits, over-currents and overcharging.

Automatic Cars Require A Jump Box

For automatic transmission cars, you can’t jump-start a car like with a manual car. How to jumpstart a car without another car when your car is automatic is with a jump box.

If you want to be independent and not have to rely on any other cars to help you, one of these jump-start batteries is the best solution. They are lightweight and safe to use. You can virtually go to any auto shop and the online store and you will find these jump boxes.

Owing one of these power banks is an excellent way to be more prepared on the road. It is always advised to have jumper cables in your car as a double precaution.

A dead battery is a frequent irritation even with people who have automatic cars. Most times, a driver will jumpstart their car with somebody else’s car battery. But that’s if they have a manual car, What happens when there is not another motorist around to help you.

People have learned that this can be a problem and they would not leave on a long road trip without investing in a power bank to jump start their vehicle.

Just remember that jump-starting a car may turn out to be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. It is important that you do it properly to avoid any sort of injury. A good bit of advice is to read your car’s manual but also the manual of the power bank. To use the power bank you would –

  • Make sure your car’s ignition is off
  • Make use of safety glasses when using your portable jump starter
  • Once you have got the battery, keep the black and red ends of the cable from coming into contact with each other.
  • Establish the negative and positive battery posts of the battery
  • Ensure the posts are free of dirt
  • Ensure the jump starter is on ‘off’ setting before you try to make any connections.
  • Connect the batter’s positive post with the positive clamp
  • Connect the negative clamp to an unmarked metal part of the engine block
  • Turn the power of the jump starter on.
  • Try turning the car on.

Anybody who has bought one of these power banks will be so thankful when they are stranded with a car that would not start.

As the owner of a car, one of the best investments you can make is to have jumper cables in your boot. Better still is to have a jump box. There are different ones but they are all essentially the same.

With these boxes, you get a sealed lead acid or gel pack battery. This is connected to jumper cables. Because the better is sealed, there is little chance of it leaking. The battery is sealed within the plastic housing.

Some Jump Boxes Have Useful Features

Some jump boxes have useful features

Some of these jump boxes come with other useful features such as emergency lights, radios, air compressors, and inverters. If you want, you can buy a plain jump box with none of these other features.

With a jump box, it is a case of connecting the positive jump box cable to the positive battery connection. Then connect the negative jump box cable to a good ground. These jump boxes are designed for jump-starting, but because most of them come with a 12-volt accessory socket, they can be used to power any 12-volt device.

If you have a booster pack you can jump-start your car even when the battery is completely dead. Find where the batter is and connect your car battery to the battery pack. Take the positive red connector and connect it to the positive metal post.

Get a negative black clamp and connect it to a grounding point. Switch on the booster pack and get into your car and turn on the ignition. Switch off the booster pack and detach the black- and red clamp. To charge your battery, drive your car around for 20 minutes or so. So you can see that it is possible to start your car without the need for another vehicle.

Driving a car is imperative for everyone. It gives a person the independence to go where you want without relying on anybody for a lift.

You Could Be Stranded For Hours

You want to be independent too when it comes to how to jumpstart a car without another car. When you are on a road trip far from anywhere and anyone and your car suddenly stops, you want to not have to rely on another car.

You may wait hours for someone and when you try to flag them down they accelerate and drive right past. How to jumpstart a car without another car is possible and we have explained the importance of always having a jump box with you.

There is no point in rigging your car up with a jump starter in your boot because you need another car for that. How to jumpstart a car without another car may well require you to have a jump box.

But you have to know how to use it otherwise it will just be useless to you. Before you go on any kind of road trip, discover how to use it.

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