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 How To Jump Start A Car Without Another Car?

How To Jump Start A Car Without Another Car?

You’re here looking for how to jump start a car without another car most probably before your vehicle is not purring back to life. Jump starting a car without another car is a crucial technique to learn. For your security, convenience, and sanity, learning this skill is crucial.

Knowing how to jump start a car without another car is a critical skill for motorists all around the world to grasp because dead batteries are the norm when it comes to the life of a common motorist.

Although the idea of ‘how to jump start a car without another car’ might seem to be unrealistic at first, you will be surprised by the plentiful amount of hacks available to anyone, anywhere. From using household items to revving the engine, this article will address everything there is to know about ‘how to jump start a car without another car?’.

Along the lines of explaining the processes of how to jump start a car without another car, emphasis on a motorist’s safety and security is the paramount priority.

Now we shall discuss the diverse processes of our primary topic: ‘How to jump start a car without another car?’.

Keep Calm

Keep Calm

Before you learn how to jump start a car without another car, it is important to keep calm during a breakdown.

What if you are not on a busy street or in a busy town, and your car’s battery stops working while you are on a road trip in the outskirts? It is a daunting situation, everyone can agree with that.

But, usually, people worsen these solvable situations by panicking on the spot. The first key to solving the problem of how to jump start a car without another car is to remain composed.

You Can Push Your Car

You Can Push Your Car

Looking to know how to jump start a car without another car? Simply push it!

As simple as it sounds, it is extremely simple. Many motorists do this, and it works on the majority of occasions as well. If your car does not start when you twist your key, pushing it should be your first implementation.

It is advised to refrain from applying this technique on automatic transmission cars because there is the danger of spoiling the car’s gearbox or brakes. However, if you are left with no options, you can still implement the push method on automatic cars as well.

The procedure is simple. Put the car in neutral and move the key to the start position. Once this is done, ask your companion or anyone else to push the car from behind. Once the car starts gaining momentum and is at a steady pace, hit the ignition. Whilst doing this, ensure that your foot is on the pedal and you are gradually pressing it.

It is important to keep pressing on the pedal throughout this process. Make sure that your car is on the drive or in gear if you are driving a manual.

If this does not work the first time, try repeated attempts. Different cars require different distances covered to recharge the battery.

This technique works perfectly with manual transmission cars. However, in case you have an automatic car, there is a specialized technique on how to jump start a car without another car.

How To Jump Start A Car Without Another Car

Automatic Transmissions Using Push Technique

When your car breaks down, the first thing you need to do is somehow shift the gear selector in neutral. In some automatic cars, the gear knob locks when the car has no power. Almost every automatic gearbox has a small insert slot for emergencies.

Inserting a small object into the slot will free the gear knob, allowing you to put it in the drive. This will allow the car battery to charge when someone pushes it from behind. Repeat the same process of jump starting a manual transmission, and you are good to go.

There is another highly recommended technique of jump starting an automatic car as well. Using a portable battery charger, you can charge your car anywhere, anytime. This is an immensely practical item to keep in your automatic car.

The procedure is simple. Insert the portable battery charger into your car’s cigarette lighter, and then wait 15-20 minutes. Your car battery will recharge.

How To Jump Start A Car Without Another Car: Use Household Items

Yes, there are creative answers to the question: ‘how to jump start a car without another car’. There are various easy steps to follow.

Laptop Chargers

You can use your laptop chargers to charge your car’s battery. However, this will only work with chargers that have at least 15 volts.

A Can Of Coke

Sometimes, a major cause of failed attempts when it comes to jump starting your car is terminal corrosion. Specifically, in older cars, terminal corrosion leads to a layer of rust and waste forming on the terminals.

Coke is an acidic liquid. The acids in coke, coupled with carbonation, allows corrosion to break down. If your battery terminals seem to be in a bad shape, due to them being corroded, pour a can worth of coke onto them and then try jump starting your car.

Jump Boxing

Jump Boxing

Not many people know about this helpful technique. Using jump boxing can save you your precious dollars, as well as revive your dead battery.

Essentially, a jump box is an additional battery pack that helps kicks off your battery when it dies. Jump boxing can revive batteries that have gone dead as well.

Although not many people carry a jump box battery, carrying a jump box completely ensures an untroubled and reliable journey, free of any fear of a dead battery. If you were looking for the perfect answer to the question: ‘how to jump start a car without another car’, this is your safest bet.

Below are some steps to follow when jump boxing your car:

  1. Completely turn off your car. Ensure that the gear is in ‘parking’.
  2. Place the jump box near your car’s dead battery. You need to find a spot that will allow for convenient wiring.
  3. Place the red jumper clip to the red terminal (positive). Place the black jumper clip to the black terminal (negative).
  4. An important step, after your vehicle starts, is to disconnect the battery clips from the terminal immediately. Making sure the vehicle is on when you remove the clips will allow the vehicle from shutting down.

After this is done successfully, carefully start the jump box battery. Your car’s dead battery will take around 5 minutes to charge, so leave your jump box battery functioning till then.

Start your car through key ignitions to see whether your battery has been charged up or not. Make sure that the gear is in the park for automatic cars, and in neutral for manual cars. If you hear your engine roar, it means that your battery has been fully charged and is good to go.

Jump Start Car Service

If you are stuck with an emergency, and you are unable to follow the previously mentioned steps, it is a good practice to call the authorities for further aid.

Calling 911 is the safest option. The police are trained in vehicle (car) related problems. They are also trained in helping stranded motorists because they are equipped with all items necessary, including a jumper cable.

After you have successfully jump started your car, using the methods that have been provided here, it is necessary to take your car to the workshop and get it checked. Almost every car enthusiast, the people who thoroughly know about cars, will advise you to do so.

A jump start car service is critical because there might be several other problems in your car that need checking. Issues such as current transmission, dysfunctional wiring, broken capacitors, and more are some of the many issues which create battery problems.

There is a high chance that a few problems, such as these, will get highlighted when you take your car to a jump start car service.

Can A Car Battery Be Too Dead To Jump Start

Can A Car Battery Be Too Dead To Jump Start

Along with ‘how to jump start a car without another car?’, the question: ‘can a car battery be too dead to jump start?’ is also an interesting one.

The short answer to ‘can a car battery be too dead to jump start’ is no. Every battery, no matter what its condition is, has the potential to start whenever you give it a burst of power.

To understand this concept, you need to understand that batteries act as power accumulators. They store power in the form of electricity. A battery can not stop storing power, however, its tendency to store power can reduce over time due to mechanical wear and tear.

Hence, you can easily revive a battery by jump-starting it.

Why And How Do Car Batteries Deteriorate

This is a crucial bit of information. Motorists often ignore these aspects of battery deterioration, failing to take precautionary steps. Being careful about these steps can go a long way in saving your money and time.

Bad Wiring

Bad wiring is a norm in older cars. Some new cars also face this problem. When there are faulty wires, other wires bear the load of the faulty ones. This causes the chain of electricity running along the car to be severely hampered. This hampering causes further stress on the car battery, reducing its life rapidly.

Increased Internal Resistance

As time passes by, a battery’s internal resistance increases naturally. This causes battery degradation. Like every other piece of machinery, batteries are destined to die too because they wear off with time.


Acids inside batteries have high acid intensities. They are responsible for corroding terminals. When terminals are corroded it is difficult to jump start a battery.

Weather Conditions

Batteries do not abide well with severe temperatures. Sometimes, extremely cold temperatures are referred to as ‘battery killers’. Although this is a natural process, and you can not do much about the weather, our recommendation is to cover your car at all times.

The best practice is to park your car in your garage. If you do not have a garage, then try to park it under a cover, for example, a tree, a shed, or a building’s shadow.

Dormancy And Repeated Cycling

These are two extremes of usage. Dormancy refers to when a battery is not used for a long time; typically years. When a car is not driven, a battery becomes dormant and might have died too. This is called self-discharge. It is every battery’s characteristic to self-discharge when it is not being used.

Repeated cycling is when a battery is constantly used to greater lengths, allowing frequent battery cycles to occur; the time it takes for a battery to reach a state of extremely low charge from a fully charged standing.

This reduces the battery’s life, and its usefulness because active materials on the positive plates of the battery are damaged and taken away.

Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions

When practicing such processes, especially the ones that involve electricity, your safety must be of paramount importance to you. This can not be stressed enough.

First of all, make sure that when you’re jump-starting your car, you connect the correct clips with the correct terminal. Red is for the positive, and black is for the negative terminal. Make sure that you never touch or grip the metal part of your alligator clips because they carry fatal currents.

Secondly, make sure that your car is in neutral. If it is not, severe damage can occur to your battery and the car itself.

Your jump box, or your jump start battery, should be in the good and functioning condition as well. Otherwise, there might be an electric charge surge, causing deterioration to your battery and the jump box.

Before jump-starting, make sure that your car is completely turned off, including every nook and cranny. For example, your tape recorder or night light. If these features are not entirely turned off, there is a high risk of them burning up due to the instant electric charge.

Make sure not to panic if you find yourself in these inevitable circumstances.

Follow the steps accordingly. invest in the necessary equipment, such as a battery charger and a jump box.

Lastly, approach these practices with great precaution and care.

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