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 Basics to Owning a Lawn Tractor: When and How to Change a Lawn Tractor Tire

Basics to Owning a Lawn Tractor: When and How to Change a Lawn Tractor Tire

Vehicles go through daily wear and tear even if it’s not being used. To avoid or reduce the wear and tear, regular maintenance is recommended by dealerships or experienced mechanics. Timely oil change can reduce the pressure on the engine resulting in a longer engine life. However, not changing oil can definitely end up damaging your engine. This example is applicable over all types of scheduled maintenance.

When it comes to tires, in regards to maintenance they are the least of anyone’s worries. Although good healthy tires ensure a smooth ride with traction and control, many choose to neglect tires due to lack of information on maintenance of tires.

Few tips on when to replace your tires and also how to change a lawn tractor tire

When to replace lawn tractor tires?

There are a few signs that one needs to look out for. These signs are an indication that the tires need to be replaced before it can cause any sort of damage to the lawn tractor owner or those around.

Here are a few signs that will let you know when it’s time to change your tires:

  1. Tire has a recommended amount of air pressure in them. This is to maintain the vehicle’s weight from collapsing on the ground and potentially breaking the wheels. A reduction in air pressure is a sign that you need to fill it up with air. However, if your vehicle is leaking air pressure then it is best to puncture the tire or replace it.
  2. Lawn tractors are known for its smooth ride and powerful controls. If you feel that the ride is unsatisfactory or uncomfortable then you need to check your tires. It might be worn out and incapable of properly gripping the ground.
  3. Your lawn tractor is now struggling to go over a hill or slope and slipping when going downhill. This is a sign that your tires have worn out and need replacing.
  4. Check the tires. The threads in a tire are fine so if you see that the threads are cut or chunks of the tire are missing then that’s a big alert for changing the tyres.

Now that you’ve understood how to identify when your lawn tractor tires need replacement, it is important to learn how to change a lawn tractor tire. If you do not know how to change a lawn tractor tire, then calling a mechanic over can run you a hefty bill. It’s recommended that you keep on reading as we will show you some steps on how to change a lawn tractor tire.

Change a Lawn Tractor Tire

How to change a lawn tractor tire

It is important to know how to change a lawn tractor tire as much as it’s important to know how to drive one. Changing a lawn tractor tire ensures a better towing ability as it is able to have the right amount of grip. Changing a lawn tractor tire is easier than you’d think, so follow the steps below if you want to change your tractor tires.

  1. Use a jack to elevate your mower from the ground up. This will help in removing the tyre easily but do make sure that the mower is on a flat surface when putting the jack underneath it.
  2. Remove the debris cap and use pliers to remove the pin. This will help in sliding the wheel off its axle. When the wheel is removed, ensure that you’ve kept all the washers with you in your pocket or a safe place.
  3. Now the tire is off, you need to deflate it so that you can easily detach it from the rim.
  4. Get a new delated tire and put it over the rim. Make sure it is fit perfectly. You might need a screwdriver to ensure that the tyre fits onto the rim.
  5. Using an air compressor, proceed to inflating your new tire. Make sure to double check the recommended air pressure, it should be mentioned in your lawn tractor manual.
  6. Put the wheel on the axle and ensure that the washers are in place like before. Once done, put the debris cap onto the wheel.
  7. The final step requires you to lower the jack safely and remove once the wheels land on the ground firmly.