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 How Often to Change Air Filter in Car

How Often to Change Air Filter in Car

Many people wonder how often should we change the air filter of our cars. How often to change air filter in car will vary according to the maintenance schedules of the different car models. While one car manufacturer will say at every 45 000 miles, a manufacturer like Ford says it should be every 30,000 miles, but more often when driving in hot, dusty conditions.

For a car to run it needs filters and if these filters become clogged, the performance of your car is jeopardized. So how often to change air filter in car then? Air filters typically need to be replaced every 15,000 miles, however, nothing is set in stone, and cleaning between replacements can enhance your car’s performance.

Replacing an air filter is an easy and fairly inexpensive job for you to do if you are a bit of a mechanic. So how often to change air filter in car and what does it cost? An air filter for your car can cost roughly between $15 and $30.

Avoid your car’s check light coming on

car’s check light

How often to change air filter in car if you do not want to see your check engine light coming on? Of course there are different reasons that it may come on but one of the reasons is that the engine is not getting sufficient air. This means that carbon deposits can form in your car’s engine and this is what makes the car’s check engine light come on.

Modern cars have two air filters: – one for the engine and one for the cabin. The cabin air filter will also require changing if you want to breathe clean air. How often to change air filter in car? The engine and the cabin air filters are both important for keeping your car performing well.

How often to change air filter in car is dependent on the distance driven too and visual indicators. There are always visual indicators that give you a hint on whether the screen needs to be changed. It is important to note that not all filters need to be replaced and that there are some air filters that can be washed and replaced.

Certainly, if you believe your car is sluggish and you have seen a decrease in mileage, you might want to try vacuuming and even cleaning your air filter. How often to change air filter in car may well require you to check your car owner’s manual just to make sure it is safe to use soap and water and what kind of air filter you have. Oil-coated filters are not as common and will need a certain cleaning solution.

Dirty air filters are going to reduce airflow to the engine and can change the car’s air-fuel balance. This imbalance can damage spark plugs and cause the engine to not idle properly.

How to remove the air filter and how to clean car air filter

You will need to remove the air filter. Most times you find the air filter housing box near the top of the engine compartment. If you do not feel you are capable of changing the air filter, you can let a mechanic do it for you. If you go ahead with it yourself. You will need a screwdriver to unfasten and remove the air filter housing.

Talking about how to clean car air filter, microfiber cloths are always a good idea for removing debris. How to clean car air filter will then require you to vacuum it and get rid of the dirt between the pleats. Once you have finished the vacuuming part of the air filter, the next step is to wash in a bucket that has a small amount of liquid dish soap in warm water. Swish the filter around a bit and rinse it thoroughly under warm running water.

Get rid of excess water, dry it off in the sun until it is totally dry and then reinstall it. But how often to change air filter in car? You will notice some visual signs that your air filter needs to be changed when you battle with ignition problems and you notice that your car is particularly heavy on petrol.

If you are in doubt, you can always check your owner’s manual as it will tell you when the air filter should be replaced. This is generally every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, depending on your vehicle. In fact, your air filters should be replaced in case of damage. If you drive your car in particularly dusty areas then you will need to replace your air filters sooner.

Dusty areas will require a quicker air filter change

require a quicker air filter

It goes without saying that if you are driving regularly in hot, sandy areas, your car’s air filter is going to need changing more often. Even if your car’s manual says change the air filter after 30 000 miles, you may well have to change it earlier than this. The secret is to know your car and to be vigilant about checking the air filter sooner than the norm if you do live and work in dustier areas.

Cars have a few filters – the oil filter, the cabin filter, filter, and the air filter. All of them work to catch impurities. By replacing your filters timeously, your car will be more efficient. You can extend the life of your car’s air filter by cleaning your air filter.

It can even be done with regular soap and water. But how often to change air filter in car? Does it need to be changed or do you need a brand new air filter? The best car air filters will protect your vehicle from dirt but it will mean checking out a car air filter guide to get the best on the market.

It is important to know how often to change air filter in car because you want to prolong your car’s engine life. If you do not have an air filter, it simply means that dirt can enter the combustion chambers and throttle body and actually damage the engine’s internal parts.

Several types of air filters

There are several types of engine air filters – oil, paper, and reusable and they come from top brands. It is always important to compare car air filters to ensure that the filter you choose is adapted to your car’s make and model.

OEM filters have been specifically designed to suit your car. Look at the material used for the filter and if it will stand up to the rigors of your wear and tear. The OEM air filter is usually a kind of paper-type air filter. It is important to know what you are buying because there are air filters of poorer quality resulting in premature clogging.

If you want to improve the performance of your car, it is worth knowing that there are manufacturers that offer high-performance universal air filters.

Most of these high-performance air filters use deeper grooves or pleats in the filter and this allows for maximum airflow into the engine of the vehicle. The higher airflow creates a more efficient combustion process, which ensures better performance.

Modified car air filter

Modified Car Air Filter

You will find that auto parts stores sell high-performance air filters for those who like modifying their cars. A modified car air filter allows more air into the engine which can increase your horsepower. These modified car air filters are not a necessity, but they can give your car that bit of an edge.

The process of putting in a modified car air filter is quite complex because there are laws involved and the impact modifications can have on your car insurance. There are many things you can do legally to modify your car but there are some mods that are illegal.

In the engine of your car, a dirty air filter can result in clogging and this ultimately leads to the inadequate combustion air being sucked up. A dirty air filter is not going to cause your car to stop running, but it can cause a host of inefficiencies. Many of the standard replacement filters will be similar to the OEM air filter and they promise the same effective protection from the environment and are reusable after a wash.


The air filter of your car has a responsibility to keep all kinds of dirt and pollution from entering your engine. Even a little bit of dirt inside the cylinder chamber can cause engine failure.

These days with fuel costs so exorbitant you want to know how often to change air filter in a car because a dirty air filter would not necessarily see your car dropping you badly along a remote road trip but it will increase fuel consumption and that is something very few can afford. So, next time you ask how often to change air filter in a car, check out this guide again.

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