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 Different Factors Determine How Far Can You Drive On A Flat Tire

Different Factors Determine How Far Can You Drive On A Flat Tire

You can kick yourself because you have got a flat tire and you do not have a spare tire. You are also on a lonely part of the road and you do not want to stop. Your tire will have lost air through a cut to the tread or sidewall area.

The question ‘how far can you drive on a flat tire’ will depend on a number of factors. For instance, with a regular tire, you may be able to possibly drive a few hundred yards and with a run tire, it may be between 50 and 70 miles.

How far can you drive on a flat tire?

Tire-type and speed

How far can you drive on a flat tire depends on many factors. It will depend on the type of tire you have, the speed you continue with and the surface of the road. If you have worn through the rubber to the steel belt, the tire will deteriorate even quicker than a newer tire with an ordinary puncture.

You can’t just drive on these run-flat tires indefinitely though. You can get to a garage with your puncture. It is a good idea to have a look at the specifications of the manufacturer to find out precisely how far you can go on the tires. Some of the best brands will allow continued driving after a loss of some or all inflation pressure for up to 50 miles.

No more spare tires in modern cars

Some situations are such that you drive and drive regardless until you reach safety. When you drive on a flat tire, you need to know that the rim will put pressure on the tire, and it can shred the inside lining of the tire and put an end to your plans to repair the tire.

How far is home? It does not help to head to the nearest gas station as you do not have a spare. So just how far can you drive on a flat tire? Five miles, 20, 80 or 200? What is a little disconcerting is that today’s new cars come without a spare tire.

Apparently, the advantageous part of this is that it makes cars more fuel-efficient as the spare tire and spare-tire kit can weigh quite a bit. Also, car manufacturers know that many drivers do not bother to ask the question ‘how far can you drive on a flat tire’ as they simply call roadside assistance. They are not used to changing flat tires.

Run-flat tires can take you 50 miles

Modern cars come with tire repair kits or run-flat tires. The good thing about these run-flat tires is that they are not going to leave you high and dry wherever you find yourself with a flat tire. With these tires, you are not going to have to discontinue your drive because of a flat tire – you can safely continue your journey, but at a slower speed. They have self-supporting sidewalls, allowing your car to continue on its way with virtually no air pressure.

In fact, you may even only have your TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System light on the dashboard to let you know that you do in fact have a puncture. How far can you drive on a flat tire differs, but with low loads and possibly just 2 people, you can get up to 50 – 70 miles out of your run tires – enough to get you pretty close to your home or to a garage.

These run-flat tires come from different tire manufacturers. Whatever type you invest in they are useful in that they reduce both danger and stress from a flat tire. It is not necessary to stop immediately to change the tire.

Flat tire products take you a few miles

Some people say that flat-tire-fix-products can be used in an emergency too. It can help you reach some form of safety but it does not repair the tire completely. It should just be used as a temporary solution. It also can’t take your car for miles and miles but can possibly take you 4 or 5 miles once you have sealed the tire.

The car needs to be driven immediately after using a product like this to allow the pressure of the tire to distribute the sealant evenly on the tire. Once you have your tire fixed you will need to tell the people at the garage that you used this on your tire.

A flat tire and no spare does not have to mean the end of the road. Flat tires are stressful but with modern technology, there are ways, knowledge and tools that can at least get you away from a danger-spot and to a place of safety.