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 Can You Flat Tow Any Vehicle?: Flat Towing Vehicle List And Why Flat Towing Is Great For Travellers

Can You Flat Tow Any Vehicle?: Flat Towing Vehicle List And Why Flat Towing Is Great For Travellers

Traveling in an RV is one of the greatest pleasures one can experience when going inter-state or even cross-country. It provides a lot of conveniences as many refer to an RV as a home on wheels. But what if you want to travel within the city? In that case, the weakness of traveling with an RV comes to light as it can become very difficult and also stressful to drive an RV inside the city and its twisty corners. To combat the hassle associated with driving an RV in the city, many travelers tow their vehicles when traveling. Towing a vehicle is a great idea when it comes to traveling as you can use the vehicle to travel to destinations within the city. However, not all vehicles can be towed with an RV, and there is a complete flat towing vehicle list that displays all the vehicles that can be towed by an RV. Let’s look at how an RV can be a hassle and what vehicles you can attach to an RV while traveling.

Reasons why RV isn’t great for traveling within the city

Reasons why RV isn’t great for traveling within the city

As we’ve mentioned earlier that an RV is a great way to travel inter-city however if you’re traveling within the city then it may cause a bit of trouble. When traveling, adventurists and tourists want to visit historic sites, legendary food spots, entertainment places, and more. With an RV, many tourists are unable to travel to these locations and get stuck on a campsite where an RV is parked. So, why can one not travel within the city in an RV?

  1. RV needs to be parked in one place to be functional. There is no point traveling within the city in an RV as the functions of an RV become limited or restricted since you’re not connected to a power source or a water connection. So, if you’re not connected then what’s the point of taking an RV within the city?
  2. RVs are huge bulky motor homes that take a long radius to make a turn and in cities, turns can be sharp or small which can make the RV difficult to drive.
  3. RVs can not be parked within the city and require a campsite or an RV spot. If you were to park an RV within the city, you might face serious fines which are not ideal when you’re traveling on a budget.

Flat towing your vehicle is a great solution

Flat towing your vehicle is a great solution

Take an RV during your vacation but to avoid all the hassles associated with an RV you need to flat tow your vehicle which can be used to travel to destinations within the city. Before we go over the flat towing vehicle list, it is important to know what kind of vehicles you can flat tow with your RV.

Manual transmission is the way to go

Manual transmission vehicles are perfect for being flat towed with an RV while automatic transmissions are generally not recommended. However, you can check your vehicle’s manual to find out if your vehicle can be flat towed. In many cases, only a manual transmission vehicle can be flat towed with an RV. This is because automatic transmission vehicles need to be running to send lubrication to ensure that the transmission parts and some vehicle parts are working properly. Since a flat tow requires your vehicle to be turned off, this does not release the transmission oil and therefore affects the vehicle’s parts causing serious damage to it if it were to be towed on all fours.

Rear-wheel drive is king for a flat tow

Vehicles that have rear-wheel drive are great for being flat towed with an RV. Some vehicles are front-wheel drive and can be towed behind an RV however only a few vehicles that are front-wheel drive and have an automatic transmission qualify for the flat towing vehicle list like the Chevrolet Malibu which was made in 2015. Other than that, you may find it very difficult to search for a front-wheel-drive automatic transmission vehicle that can be flat towed. Manual transmission front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive is great for a flat tow.

Flat towing vehicle list

flat towing vehicle list

You may be surprised to know that the number of vehicles that can be towed with an RV has reduced in number over the years. This is due to the rise in manufacturers supplying automatic transmission vehicles and millennials demanding automatic transmission vehicles. Some vehicles might have a front-wheel-drive which becomes nearly impossible to pull with an RV. CVT or continuous variable transmissions has also become a hindrance to being flat towed. This is because vehicles that have such technology cannot be pulled on all fours as it would negatively impact the transmission.

Let’s get to the good part, the part you’re here for, and that is the flat towing vehicle list. Some vehicles are perfect for flat towing and are compiled together in a list referred to as a flat towing vehicle list. Vehicles like the Ford Focus and the favorite family car Ford Fiesta are considered to be great vehicles that can be towed behind an RV. However, even in these vehicles, you might find an automatic transmission that will not work if you’re looking to flat tow it with an RV.

4x4s like Wrangler by Jeep are considered to be the best 4x4s for towing and you may have noticed that while traveling across the states. Many RVs have a jeep wrangler being flat towed behind them. If you’re looking for a pickup truck that can be easily flat towed behind an RV, then look no further than an F150 by one of the most famous vehicle brands, Ford. It is a great vehicle if you’re heading to a rough terrain area. Grand Cherokee is also one of those vehicles that can easily be flat towed behind an RV and is the best SUV on the flat towing vehicle list. Other vehicles on the flat towing vehicle list include Colorado and Spark by Chevrolet, Durango by Dodge, Nissan 370Z, and a few more.

Now that you’ve understood some of the vehicles that can be flat towed behind an RV, let’s clear a quick misconception. You can tow some automatic transmission vehicles if you keep the vehicle neutral. However, this depends on what vehicle you have so for that you would need to look at the vehicle’s owner’s manual. If the owner manual agrees that you can tow this automatic transmission vehicle then there is no need to worry. Oh, also before you’re all ready to tow your vehicle, make sure its steering wheel is unlocked. A locked steering wheel can damage the vehicle and even cause some shocks to the RV if you were to end up in a sticky situation caused by a locked steering wheel.