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 Are You Even Aware Of Credit Cards With Roadside Assistance?

Are You Even Aware Of Credit Cards With Roadside Assistance?

Emergencies can strike anytime and anywhere and are largely unpredictable. Emergencies are not only financial or health-related, but you may also find yourself in an emergency situation if your car breaks down in the middle of a moving road or refuses to start. Roadside assistance is always useful to have as the idea behind it is to get you on the road again after your car broke down. Wherever you are, you can call for assistance and the service provider will guide you over the phone as to what could be the problem.

They may send someone out to you to get it up and running again, or failing that tow it to the closest garage or to your home – whatever you prefer.

Roadside assistance entails quite a few services, but you can say that the most common of all of these are assisting with locked-in keys, flat tires, run out of petrol and battery replacements.

The good news is that some credit card companies offer complimentary roadside assistance to their customers but not many people are aware of it. There are a number of credit cards with roadside assistance. To take advantage of this service, consumers simply need to have their card with them. In case of need, they can make use of the dedicated hotline number they are provided with.

Help when you need it most

The unpredictability of cars means you need roadside assistance

Cars let you down, even new ones, and credit cards with roadside assistance might well be necessary if for some reason, you do not have roadside assistance.

It does not matter what brand your vehicle is, you have to know that breakdowns can happen. Stranded alongside the road in some areas is an invitation to trouble.

Usually, you can have roadside assistance through the car manufacturer, through some car organization, a car insurance company or even your credit card company.

The plans are not all the same so you want to know what the plan costs and what you get for it. Credit cards with roadside assistance might be a free perk for instance – it is worth finding out.

You may be able to get once-off roadside assistance

You can either join a roadside assistance provider or you can just call them once-off for assistance.

If you require any kind of breakdown assistance, do research because you will find many ways to get this kind of help when you are stuck along the side of the road.

Roadside assistance might well be a credit card perk

If you have a credit card, do research because you may well discover that your card offers you roadside assistance when you are stranded along the road.

For premium cardholders, it is quite possible that you may have access to free roadside assistance.  Read up and learn which cards offer roadside assistance and what each one covers.

There will be a number you can call and they will arrange to assist you. Not every credit card works the same way but generally, they will cover you up to a certain amount for each event. This could be an amount of $50 as an example. The card will cover you for up to a certain number of events each year.

Some credit cards with roadside assistance include among others –

◾Visa cards

Those with a Visa credit card have roadside assistance which is a big perk. To make use of Visa roadside assistance, you are given a number that you can call at any time. There is a fee per service and among other services, they can jump start your car, provide a key lockout service, change your tire, assist with fuel or tow you. Anything over and above what they provide you will be required to pay.

◾Chase Sapphire Reserve card

One of the best credit cards for roadside assistance is the Chase Sapphire Reserve card which comes with an introduction bonus. It also comes with roadside assistance benefits. You are covered for up to $50 per event and this can be up to 4x each year.  The annual fee for this card is $550 and they provide you with a number to call. The card also comes with other travel cover.

◾United Explorer card

Another credit card is the United Explorer Card and when you get this card you are given up to 70,000 Bonus Miles. The Roadside Assistance coverage for this card is much the same as the for the Sapphire Reserve card where you are covered for up to $50 per incident and also up to 4x a year.

Many people are not even aware that their credit cards possibly have roadside assistance and for this important perk, it is well with the research to find out.