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 Why You Should Start Searching For Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance Near Me

Why You Should Start Searching For Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance Near Me

Inconveniences can occur anywhere without a warning. Perhaps you may have experienced inconvenience on the road yourself with a flat tire or getting locked out of your car while you quickly went to pay for gas. There are many situations where one finds themselves in and the same is true for trucking companies. Truck companies have a fleet of trucks that tour the country delivering cargo, however, at times these types of companies also face the same situation that you might. Anything could go wrong and hence these companies are registered with commercial roadside assistance to provide them with the right service to get them out of a sticky mess. So, how is this commercial roadside assistance any different than towing? Or what types of services do truck roadside assistance near me offer? What to look out for? Before you start your search for commercial truck roadside assistance near me, let’s find out some of the answers to these questions.

Is commercial truck roadside assistance similar to towing?

long distance towing

You may come across towing in your search for commercial truck roadside assistance near me.

What do you do when you’re stuck on the side of the road? The first thing that comes to mind is calling a tow truck to help you reach home with your vehicle intact. However, when it comes to trucking companies, going back to the trucking premises is not an option as cargo needs to be delivered from point A to point B to make money for the company. In such situations, solutions need to be given on the spot to ensure the journey to point B doesn’t stop.

If you search the internet for the services provided by commercial truck roadside assistance near me, then you would notice that towing is part of their services package. Depending on the type of company you go for, commercial roadside assistance may include fuel service, lockout service, battery and vehicle inspection, repair, and more. Now let’s look at some of the reasons that may help you consider searching for commercial truck roadside assistance near me. Having a roadside assistance company on board is the best way to eliminate your search for commercial truck repair near me or emergency roadside assistance near me.

You should know that there is no such thing as free roadside assistance near me and every company will charge for the service they provide. If you get stuck and call a tow company, they will charge you. If you need a tire change for your truck and search for tire roadside assistance near me, they will charge you. Having subscribed to a roadside assistance provider eliminates these additional charges you might face for a monthly fee.

Commercial truck roadside assistance near me: Why does your business or truck drivers need it?

Commercial truck roadside assistance near me Why does your business or truck drivers need it

Before searching for commercial truck roadside assistance near me, it is important to understand why you need these companies. Commercial trucks that are left stranded can not only impact the company financially but also pose danger to the employee’s safety. To reduce the risks associated with a stranded vehicle, a commercial truck roadside assistance company is the best option for you. If you’re running a commercial trucking business, then here are some reasons why you need to start looking for commercial truck roadside assistance near me.

To make roadside repairs

Nobody can predict the exact moment a vehicle will break down. If you’ve maintained your vehicle properly, then a mechanical failure would not be something on your radar. If your vehicle is old, then you know it might break down anytime but can’t exactly tell when. This is where your search for finding the best commercial truck roadside assistance near me comes in handy.

Minor issues can easily be repaired on the roadside by sending a mechanic or team of mechanics over to diagnose the issue and get to work repairing it. Having your truck stranded is not good for the truck driver and your products and you need to have it up and running back on the road again. Roadside assistance companies have a team of mechanics that are capable of making roadside repairs so that you don’t have to stop your journey or make a little “detour”.

Help with towing

In your search to find commercial truck roadside assistance near me, you’ll find that these companies also offer towing services. Many roadside assistance providers will provide towing services because some repairs can not be done on the roadside and need to be sent to a workshop. These companies provide towing free of charge until a certain range but if you were to have your vehicle towed outside this range, you might have to pay for towing.

Fix a flat

Having a flat tire is one of the most common causes of being stranded on the roadside. Many of us go through a flat tire once in a while and trucks are no different. Especially with the heavy load, the tires of a truck go through rapid wear and tear. This is why many trucking companies search for commercial truck roadside assistance near me whenever they’re faced with this situation.

If you’re a truck driver and get a flat tire on your way to the destination, you know that changing a truck’s tire is not a one-man job and requires a team of people to do it. A commercial truck roadside assistance will send over a few people to help you change your flat tire but if you don’t have a spare, then you would need to have your vehicle towed. Instead of searching for commercial truck tire repair near me at the last minute, being subscribed to a roadside assistance company will eliminate most of the hassles. Subscribing to a roadside assistance company gives you the confidence that you have a 24-hour roadside tire service near me whenever your truck breaks down.

Jumpstart your truck’s battery

Another service that you may come across in your search for commercial truck roadside assistance near me is jumpstarting the truck’s battery. If you have a wonky battery or an old battery that needs replacement but hasn’t done so, you might find yourself in a situation where your battery might not start. This can happen when you’ve made a stop to pick up goods or filling up your truck and upon starting the battery fails to start the car. Calling your roadside assistance company to send a vehicle over to jump-start your truck is one of the many services offered by these types of companies.

Get some fuel

If your vehicle is out of oil, fuel, or water, it may not move. In this case, you need someone to send the required liquid to fill your vehicle with so that it can be on the road again. You may find that roadside assistance offers fueling services, delivers oil and water to where you are stranded when searching for commercial truck roadside assistance near me.

Getting locked out

This might sound hilarious to some but yes the most common calls received by assistance companies are for getting help when locked out of the vehicle. You or your truck driver may forget keys in their truck and go out for a quick toilet break or a lunch break. Upon returning, they might not be able to get back in the truck because there are no spare keys available. Roadside assistance in this case offers vehicle lockout services where they send people over to help you get back in the vehicle and on the road.
Do note that not all roadside assistance offer these services and it depends on the service provider. Before searching for a commercial truck roadside assistance near me, here are a few things that you should look out for with roadside assistance providers.

Features to look out for with commercial roadside assistance providers

Features to look out for with commercial roadside assistance providers

Before you start your search for commercial truck roadside assistance near me, here are a few things that you should look out for.

Unlimited assistance

Usually in your search to find the best commercial truck roadside assistance near me, you will come across certain limitations placed on the “unlimited roadside assistance”. Make sure you read these limitations and see if it works for you. If the company does not offer round-the-clock 365 days a year roadside assistance service, then consider looking for other companies.

Fixing a flat

Many roadside assistance companies offer to fix a flat as part of their services. However, they will not be able to replace your vehicle for you as they might not have the right tire. In these cases, you can look out for another service they provide and that is towing. If the flat tire can not be fixed, you need the company to tow your vehicle to a workshop to sort it out. You don’t need to search for commercial tire service near me if you have this service provided in the roadside assistance package.

Free towing

A roadside assistance company should provide free tow within a certain diameter or range. If you’re left in a situation where a mechanic can not fix your vehicle on the side of the road, then you need a quick tow to the workshop where your truck can be diagnosed for repair. Eliminate the search for commercial truck towing near me with free towing offered in the roadside assistance package.

Provide rentals

This may come as a shocker or surprise to many as some roadside assistance vehicles do provide rentals. If your truck requires time for repairs, then some companies will offer you rental vehicles so that you can continue to your destination and deliver the goods. This is a great way to deliver to the client even when adversity hits and also ensure that your company does not falter on a delivery. Not every roadside assistance company will provide you this service, hence it is advised to do a quick research.


You may find that your navigation system is failing and refuses to work properly. This can create a lot of issues for the trucking company and their clients if goods are not delivered to the right place at the right time. Some roadside assistance companies offer navigation services whereby drivers can call their customer centers and plan their routes accordingly with the help of a specialist. These specialists will guide you throughout the journey so that you don’t miss out on the important exits and reach on time.

Delivery of fluids

Sometimes a truck might break down on the side of the road due to no fuel, oil, or water. In such cases, you might find it difficult to transport these liquids to where the truck is if the truck is further away from the trucking company. Some roadside assistance offer fueling and oil/water refilling services across the states and registering with these types of companies is the best way to prevent such situations.

There are other things to look out for as well such as battery jumpstart, vehicle lockouts, and more. The best way for you to move forward with roadside assistance is to analyze the situations faced by your business. If your trucks are facing a lot of repair issues rather than flat tires, it is better to go with a trucking company that not only offers roadside repairs but also towing.

Keep in mind that adding services to the roadside assistance package will increase the premium that you have to pay monthly or yearly. This can cause a dent in your financials if you’re not really going to be using these services. However, there are trucking companies that have strong profits and are not afraid to splurge on extra services even if they don’t really need them. Being prepared for any situation in the future is their priority as compromising on their clients and the delivery of goods is a big NO for them.

You may have heard of the phrase “prevention is better than cure”. In this case, opting for a roadside assistance company with a plan that covers all the necessary needs of your trucking company is the best way forward. With a company to support you in case of breakdowns is a huge relief not only on the drivers but also the trucking company owners. Drivers do not have to worry about handling the situation themselves while trucking company owners do not need to worry about their trucks on the roadside as they know instead of searching for roadside service near me, the roadside assistance company will be there to help them out. Keep your clients satisfied and happy with quick deliveries and boost your business reputation by letting your clients know that even in the face of adversity, you have got them covered.