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 Best Jumper Cables For Immobilized Drivers

Best Jumper Cables For Immobilized Drivers

The best jumper cables and tow company can save your day

How utterly frustrating it can be when you have done your grocery shopping, complete with lots of perishables, you lock the boot, get into your car and it would not start.  What can be more frustrating than that? What is wrong? You may wonder.

You lent the best jumper cables you had to your son last week and you are now literally stranded.  How many times has not this happened and you look helplessly around and everybody is rushing around oblivious to the predicament you are in?

Everybody should own jumper cables

Jumper cables are also referred to as jump leads. Ideally, everybody should own these and carry them in the boot of their car, particularly as they are a cheap investment.

There are several types of jump leads and some of them are regarded as the best jumper cables. Smart jumper cables for instance have a component built into them that will alert you if the cables have not been connected the right way. This is useful because when you are panicky on a lonely road, you can make a mistake connecting them up.

Connecting the jumper cables improperly would not charge the dead battery.

The best jumper cables come from leading brands too such as Energizer, Pennzoil and others. Just for a guide,  Energizer has been in business for more than 35 years.

As already mentioned, the prices for these boosters range but some of the best jumper cables are the most affordable and they are ideal for those looking for a basic set to have on hand for an emergency breakdown.

Make your stranded car visible

If you are far away from home in a remote area, you may be required to wait for hours for help.  Make sure your car is visible on the road by turning on your hazard lights. Also, put out triangular reflectors on the road to make your breakdown area more visible.

All this can all be prevented by either having jump leads on you or knowing precisely who to call in an emergency like this.

Know how to use the cables

If you do have jump leads, you should at least know how to use them. You need the best jumper cables so that you can have confidence in them There are differences and you want ones that are at least 20 feet long as they simply make connecting batteries that much easier. Also, a key feature to look for is the gauge – how much current the cable can carry.  The lower the number, the bigger the wire and the more current it can handle. Although most cares can be jumped with 6 to 8 gauge cables, it is always a wise move to buy a larger gauge wire.

When it comes to the cable clamps, there are 2 main types – parrot and alligator. They just have different shapes but both work well. The type of jumper cables you buy will in all likelihood depend on the vehicle you drive, but it is always a good idea to buy good quality jumper cables with heavy-duty clamps.

Learn how to handle the cables properly such as in making sure that the red and black clamps do not touch, particularly when they are all connected up to a live battery. Connecting the cables requires a bit of knowledge in terms of locating the positive and negative posts and connecting them up in the right way.

Call a reputable tow truck service

For whatever reason you can’t jump-start your car, there are other alternatives. Have you thought of calling for roadside assistance? Have you got car insurance because nearly every policy includes this option?

You can call this roadside assistance and they will help you get back on the road again. However, there is no guarantee that your car will get started again and then you many need a tow truck service to get your stranded car to a vehicle repair garage.

If your car is not insured or you do not have roadside assistance, another excellent solution is to have the name of a trusted local tow company in your cellphone contact list. Action Towing offers the best jumper cables service and they come equipped with jumper cables and a battery starter kit.

People who have already made use of their services say that the only drawback in hiring these towing experts is that their services are restricted to Edmonton, Alberta surrounds and not to all corners of the globe.